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DMT Therapeutic Retreats

DMT Therapeutic Retreats

Today, DMT has been proven to have positive effects in the treatment of addictions, anxiety, and chronic depression, but centuries ago it was used by our ancestors to do much more than that. There is certainly a lot of information on this subject, but in summary, we can say that Andean ancestral medicine can open a door to inner healing that translates into physical healing. María Sabina is a good example of a healer who cured what science and traditional medicine couldn't.

Our group of Andean medics has been studying, practicing, and testing Andean medicines for several years to be able to handle Ayahuasca, psilocybin mushrooms, Changa, and Kambo among others.

We take this professionally and include a consultation with an Andean doctor on all of our tours to personally evaluate what's best for each individual.


Contact us to inquire about availability and we will personally assist you in creating a customized and exclusive DMT retreat that meets your needs.

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