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Automatic drawing workshop (Psicografismos)




2 hours

About the Workshop

Automatic drawing is a technique that uses a drawing through which the soul is made visible, the drawing is a communication of our inner self in a language that we do not know. An opportunity for a conscious change in the accelerated evolution in which we live. The technique of psychographism allows the person to spontaneously externalize his inner world.

The performer draws his state of mind and transforms it into drawings. Energy-charged images emerge from the subconscious. They manifest themselves psychosomatically. Negative and aggressive impulses are transformed into constructive forces. The conscious and unconscious levels feed back through word and image in each session.
The drawing is a spontaneous reflection of a psychological content, a reflection that contains the primitive image. It is not thinking, but experiencing through lines and colors on paper, instead of concepts.

Included: All the drawing materials

Not included: Food and drinks

Location: Quisha Lodge

When: Every Wednesday and Saturday (upon participants confirmation)

Reservations: +593 998771192

Your Instructor

Audrey Mena

Audrey Mena

Graduated in psychology, initiative psychology, logotherapy and alternative therapies with more than 20 years of experience.

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